An acting, writing, networking and showcasing opportunity.


The T2 Challenge brings creative minds together to create unique and interesting performances. 

Each entrant will be paired with another creative, this will include an actor and a writer/ director. 

If you haven an interest in both acting, and writing/ directing, feel free to sign up as a writer/ director, and create a duologue, or something similar. 

You will be given a stimulus to work from. You can create a monologue, a duologue, a movement piece, or whatever you both may devise.

This is a free pass to be as creative as you'd like. 


The day after the ticket deadline you will be given your pairings and a stimulus. 

This is where the creative challenge begins. It is up to you how you work in your pairs, a part of this process is figuring out how to produce the best work, to be filmed and submitted within the deadline.

Please note that these creations should be no more than 4 minutes long.

You have a week from when you receive you partner and stimulus.


Once you have filmed your piece, upload it to YouTube. 

Ensure you make the video public, with the following title format:

#T2Challenge - [stimulus] - [names of creatives]


#T2Challenge - Under the Skin - Mark and Wendy

Feel free to put anything in the description, e.g. your full names, spotlight link or whether you are seeking representation etc.

Please ensure you send an email to with the link to your video, and your names.

We also encourage you to post your creations to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platforms, with #T2Challenge, and tag us @T2Theatre.

The competition will result in a top 5 in no particular order (apart from first place, of course). These 5 will receive feedback from an industry professional on their creations, and will be promoted by the T2Theatre social media pages. 

First place will also be added to the #T2CreativeFamily, a list/group of creative individuals that industry/casting professionals can access and contact. They will also have their final creation played on The  Sunday Morning Arts Show on Radio Bath, with presenters, Nik and Nigel, and have the opportunity to discuss their process and their piece.

Please note we have a ZERO tolerance approach to ANY from of discrimination or prejudice. Any videos containing the above will NOT be considered, and you will be banned from entering in future competitions.

Good luck, and enjoy the #T2Challenge!